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The Kama Sutra free Download

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The Kama Sutra

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the translations into other languages in India, the book became generally known, and the subject was popularly ..... 'Vatsyayana Kama Sutra,' a copy from the library of the king of kings, ...... They should be free from covetousness. ...

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Kamasutra In Islam [30. Ar Ruum: 21] And among the signs of His power is that He created for you wives of your own kind, so you tend to be and feel reassured him

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[30. Ar Ruum: 21]

And among the signs of His power is that He created for you wives of your own kind, so you tend to be and feel reassured him, and pledged his love and affection among you. Verily in this is truly there are signs for people who think.

All puja and blessing for GOD is just a Glorified and Exalted. There is no god but GOD. There is no GOD allies for the ruler of heaven and earth. Greeting and invocation to the Prophet Muhammad continues to shed sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam and his wives and his descendants.

Amma ba'du. This article is for most humans may be considered taboo

or not useful at all. It was only natural for this kind of discussion very rarely delivered by Kyai and Ustadz. But we have to realize again that Islamic Shari'a is the source of the Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam after being given instructions by GOD subhanahu wa ta'ala. So, as long as we follow what is conveyed by the Prophet and his wife and his best friend, it means we have to follow the sunnah Apostles. If they act properly, we certainly also true.

And we on this occasion to try to explain again what is justified by GOD and His messenger, in the conjugal relationship, especially manners intercourse or intercourse or sex or in modern times people call it "Kamasutra".

Kamasutra we submit this may be very contradictory and very contrary to what many are written in books such as Mujarrobat, horoscope and more. The books are then believed by the public as truth. Indeed they have established a case of religion without science tradition, but in a sense instinct alone.


From Abu Hurairah, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, he said: "She was married for four things: [1] because of their possessions, [2] because of its descendants, [3] because of her beauty and [4] because of his religion. Then choose a woman who is religious, then you'll get lucky. "

[Bukhari, Muslim, Nisaa'i, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Ahmad and Ad-Darami]


From Abu Hurairah, he said: Messenger of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Verily, the woman like a rib. If you try to straighten it, then you will break it. But if you leave it, then you will enjoy it by staying in a state bent. "

[Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ahmad and Ad-Darami]

As we know from the two above hadith, that she was married by four reasons. And the best reason for marriage is because of his religion. It meant that women who understand the religion of course she will always please her husband. He knew about the obligation preen only to her husband, she also knew she had to follow the "fantasy" husband, especially in this sex, and he knew that he also has the same right to be treated with loving care.

And second, we know that women are gentle creatures and can not be treated harshly, including this sex problem. So let not the husband just because of his sexual fantasy to follow later he was being a bit rude or forcing his wife to obey her husband desires. But should the husband tells his wife that Islam justifies the "fantasy sex" was.

GOD knows what passion there is in the hearts of His servants. And the fantasy sex is a gift given to the husband and wife HER already tied up with the halal. GOD subhanahu wa ta'ala creates a desire to husband and wife to love one another, to love and be loved, loved and cherished. That's the nature of God that we should not forget. Is GOD in HIS religion of Islam, DIA has established procedures for interaction between husband and wife who later taught to the Apostles HIS HIS to be submitted to the people of HIS.

And we try to mention some mailing lists that Kamasutra and submit it to the people who are willing to accept the truth of the Apostle sunnah. We do not follow the behavior of those who disbelieve, because what is lawful by GOD subhanahu wa ta'ala, it is also permissible for us. So we should be grateful for it as a gift of GOD.

Kamasutra IN ISLAM

    * A wife should not refuse her husband for intercourse, and vice versa
    * Intercourse may be done in the daytime, but must not be in the daytime fasting month (Ramadan) because it will be subject to expiation (fine / ransom).
    * Husband-wife read the prayer before intercourse
    * The freedom of intercourse:

          o intercourse is allowed from front or from behind like an animal being married, provided that they do not put the penis into the anus.
          o intercourse may see the private parts (genitals) husband or wife
          o be naked
          o may resort to "force" anything during the intercourse

    * Husbands may release the semen (sperm) outside the vagina of his wife (with intent to avoid pregnancy)
    * If you want to repeat intercourse, it must perform ablutions again
    * If you want to sleep after intercourse, it must perform ablutions beforehand
    * Allow junub bath with husband-wife
    * Do not tell me about what is done when the husband and wife in intercourse with others, including the in-laws.

IN NO intercourse

    * Unlawful intercourse with a wife who is menstruating (menstrual)
    * Unlawful intercourse with the wife who had just finished giving birth (parturition)
    * Unlawful intercourse in the anus (rectum)

HUSBAND refuse


From Abu Hurairah, that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "If a wife to leave or stay away from her husband's bed, the angels curse him till morning."

[Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood, Ahmad and Ad-Darami]

From Abu Hurairah, he said that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "By GOD that my soul in His hands, when a man calls his wife to bed to bed, but the wife was reluctant to (refuse), then the population of heaven [angels] angry with her until her husband forgave her. "



Those are some hadiths that mention of the prohibition of the wife to refuse her husband. And of course we must know also that a husband must also understand the desire wife. Because the passions lust that existed at the women tend to be larger, but they were able memendamnya. So that really wise if the husband has also learned to understand it.


From Abu Hurairah, he said:

A man came to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam and said: "Woe to me, O Messenger of Allah."

He asked: "What makes you hurt?"

The man replied: "I had intercourse with my wife during the daytime of Ramadan."

He asked: "Do you have something to free a slave?" He replied: Did not have.

He asked: "Are you able to fast for two consecutive months? He replied: Not able.

He asked again: "Do you have something to feed the 60 (sixty) poor?"

He replied: "No." Then he sat down to wait for a while. Then the Prophet gave him a basket of dates, and said: "This Sedekahkanlah."

The man had asked: "Which means I have to menyedekahkannya (dates) to the poorest people among us, while in this area there are no families that most need it than us."

Then the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam also laughed until one of visible teeth. Then he said: "Go home and give your family eat."

[Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Malik and Ad-Darami]

This is one tradition that calls on the people of the Prophet that intercourse during the daytime. And the scholars argue that this tradition contains about permissibility husband and wife having sex during daylight hours. If the act is forbidden, of course, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam would impose sanctions (punishment) or issue a ban.

The reason that people are fined because he intercourse on the day of Ramadan fasting. So he and his wife are not only void the fast and making up those obliged to (paying) fast, but they have to pay another penalty as mentioned in the hadith.


3. PRAYER BEFORE intercourse

From Ibn Abbas, he said: Messenger of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: If one of them will menggauli his wife, let him read:

"Bismillah. O GOD, we put away the devil, and put away evil from what YOU bestowed to us. "

Because if the destined relationship between two of them are led to the child, then Satan will not harm the child forever.

[Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Ahmad and Ad-Darami]


From Jabir, he said: The Jews used to say that if a man his wife in qubulnya menggauli (vagina) from behind, then the child is born will squint his eyes. Then came the verse:

[2. Al Baqarah: 223]. Wife-wives, is (like) the land where you grow crops, then Go to the land where the farm-tanammu it how ye will. And work (good deeds) for your souls, and fear Allah and know that you will meet Him someday. And give glad tidings to the believers of people.

[Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawood and Ad-Darami]


This Hadith is a theorem that allows a husband to his wife fuck from behind as animal mating, but that kosher is come from a place that had been established that the vagina (Faraj). Now if you put his dick (penis) into the anus (rectum), it is haraam.

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Do not you attacking the woman through his butt" or the Prophet also said: In the anus.

[Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ahmad]


From Abu Hurairah, that the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Cursed is the man who came to the woman through the anus (anus)."

[Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Nisaa'i, Ibn Majah and Ahmad]


Of course the logic and reason we know that the anus is a dirty hole because it is a channel where the shit out of him percernaan. Similarly Islam is full of holiness and love of cleanliness, of course, our religion prohibits hard fuck wife in her anus (rectum).

5. BER-FREE Fantasy

Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "And, one of intercourse inside of you no reward'. They asked, "O Messenger of Allah, is there one among us to satisfy lust and he got rewarded for that?" He said: "What do you think if she set it to something forbidden, whether he gets a sin?" They replied, "Yes", He said, "so too if he just put it on a kosher thing, then he gets a reward."



Hadith on the proposition to be one that gives full freedom to the husband-wife berfantasy against any desire for them both when intercourse. During their act together no one knows or a peek, then the husband and wife are given the freedom anything as Al-Baqarah: 223's. Included here if they want to see each other naked or their genitals.

6. ARE DEAD IN intercourse martyr

Even as the virtue of this intercourse, until the action was included in the group when he found himself a martyr to die in a state junub after mengumpuli wife. Vice versa.

From Jabir ibn Atik of the Prophet peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him say:

"There were seven other martyrs who died fighting sabilillah fi (in the way of Allah) are: [1] The man who was stabbed to death is martyrdom, [2] drowning is a martyr, [3] together with his wife to death is martyrdom, [4] abdominal pain is to die a martyr, [5] had burned to death is martyrdom, [6] is a martyr's death hit by debris and [7] women who die giving birth is a martyr ".

[Ahmad, Abu Dawood, Nisaa'i, and Justice in the book with comments Mustadraknya sanadnya saheeh hadith. This opinion was approved by the ADH-Dhahabi]

7. Maniy outside the vagina

From Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, he said: We fought alongside the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam against Bani Musthaliq ago we managed to capture some Arab women are beautiful. We had not been in touch with the wife, then we would love to redeem them so we can marry them and do mut'ah 'azal [remove sperm outside the vagina to prevent pregnancy]. We say: We do so while the Prophet was in the midst of us without us asking about it. Then we asked also to him and he said: "It's okay even if you do not do ('azal it) because there is not a soul that has been set for GOD created until the Day of Judgement unless bound to happen."

[Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nisaa'i, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Malik and Ad-Darami]


This is a tradition that in mansukh (deleted / in-delete), because marriage mut'ah only allowed during the three days since the revelation that time is yet to come. But after three days it was forbidden marriage mut'ah forever by GOD.

From Jabir, he said: "We still do 'azal when the Qur'an was still falling." Ishaq added; Sufyan said: "If there's something definitely forbidden the Qur'an has forbidden it."

[Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibn Majah and Ahmad]

 From Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, he said: The problem of 'azal never talked about near the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam. Then he asked: "Is it 'azal?" Replied the Companions: "[' azal is] A man has intercourse with his wife who was breastfeeding her child, but she did not want his wife was pregnant. Or a man who has intercourse with sahayanya servant, but he did not wish would not have become pregnant because of it. "

Replied the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam: "There's no point do you guys like it. Because the pregnancy was included Qadr. "

Words of Ibn 'Aun, "then I cry to Hasan, Hasan then said: By GOD, so it is actually a warning from GOD.



From Jabir, he said: "We never do 'azal the time of the Prophet and our deeds the news reached the Prophet sallallaahu' alaihi wa sallam. But he did not forbid us to do it. "


From Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, he said: Messenger of Allah sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam asked people about' azal, he replied: "Not all of the semen (sperm) directly into the child. But when GOD wants to make something, none of which can be prevented. "



Of Saad bin Abi Waqqash, he said: A man came to the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, then he asked: "I do' azal to my wife (who was at the time of feeding the baby). How is it legal, ya Rasulullah? "He replied:" What made you do it? "The man replied:" I am sorry for his children (fear if he becomes disabled). " Messenger of Allah said: "If it causes children with disabilities, it is definitely going to cacatlah the people of Persia and Rome." [Muslim]


And many other hadith about the 'good azal of Bukhari and Muslim, not to mention the Book of Sunan and Musnad. So that the scholars were agreed that the issue semen outside the vagina is allowed.

All the hadith about 'This was then made hujjah azal (source of law) by some scholars in determining the laws of masturbation and masturbation.

And opinion in the Shafi'i school is divided into two kinds:

1. According to Imam Shafi'i: mendzalimi haraam for yourself and include adultery hand.

2. According to some "supporters of Shafi'i ulama salaf" (Shafi'i Salaf): Makruh law (moral turpitude but did not sin), because 'azal in this story of the Companions of course the same as masturbation, because the semen is itself impossible except with the aid of hand. And 'azal or masturbation is equally seminal issue, whether it is outside the vagina after intercourse or not because of promiscuity. And there is a history that tells about 'azal taken by one because the wife is menstruating.

8. LEGAL masturbation and masturbation

Case 'azal is also one argument used by scholars to support the Indonesian Government program that is KB (Family Planning), though technically different. 'Azal intended to avoid pregnancy, similarly with contraception.

The use of contraceptive pills and devices intended to kill sperm, but the scholars agree that as long as the seed was not yet 120 days old, it is not sinful because it is still in the form of blood.

Meanwhile, if more than 120 days, then killing a fetus considered a baby and a big sin.


From Abu Sa'eed al Khudri, he said the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam said: If you want to repeat senggamanya intercourse then again, it must perform ablutions beforehand.



This Hadith does not write clearly who ordered ablution. But the scholars argued that the repeated ablution is both of them, namely husbands and wives who want to relive their intercourse. This is adjusted with other hadiths mention that intercourse is an act both cases, the obligation arising from the act should also be borne by the husband-wife's.

Similarly, if a husband-wife wants to sleep after their intercourse, they both also perform ablutions required before they are allowed to sleep or shower immediately jinabat. [Because it basically had to perform ablutions shower jinabat also].

BEDTIME Ablution

From Aisha, she said: When the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam going to bed, when he was junub, the first such ruling in his prayer ablutions, after that he was sleeping.

[Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Ahmad & Ad Darami]


 From Ibn 'Umar, he said: (father)' Umar ibn al-Khattab asked the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam: Yes, Messenger of Allah, may we sleep in a state junub? Replied the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam: "It's okay, but must perform ablutions beforehand."

[Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Nasai, Abu Dawood, Ibn Majah, Ahmad, Malik & Ad Darami]

From Aisha, she said: When the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam was in a state junub, when he wanted to eat or sleep, the first such ruling in his prayer ablutions.



From Abdullah ibn Abi Qais said: I asked Aisha about the prayer Witir Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam, then she (Aisha) replied by mentioning the Hadith about Witir. Then I ask also: What did the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam in a state jinabah (junub), whether he has a bath before bed? Or did he sleep first and then take a bath? Aisha replied: Both had done the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam. Sometimes he bathe first, and after that he was sleeping. Sometimes he made ablution first, then he slept. I said (Abdullah): Praise be to GOD who made all things into the field.



From Umm Salamah, she said: When I was lying with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam in a blanket, suddenly I'm menstruating, so I came out slowly and took special clothing menstrual period. Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam said to me: Are you menstruating? I replied: Yes. He sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam called me and I lay back down with him in a blanket. Zainab bint Umm Salamah said: She (Umm Salama) and the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam jinabat bath together in a single vessel.

[Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai, Ibn Majah, Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Ad Darami]


 From Ubaid bin Umair, he said: Aisha said that Abdullah bin 'Amr ordered the women to resolve their hair when bathing. Aisha said: 'Amr Ibn How strange, he asked women to describe his hair as a shower, why not just told to shave his hair? Actually I never showered with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam from one place and I did not flush my head more than three spray.

[Bukhari, Muslim, Nasai, Ibn Majah, Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Ad Darami]

From Aisha, he said: I take a bath together with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam from one vessel, so that our hand turns into the laver. Whereas when we were both showered junub.


From Aisha, he said: I take a bath and the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam (also took bath) of water a vessel called the Al Faraq vessel (volume 15 liters).


From Ibn Abbas, he said: Maimunah (wife of the Prophet SAW) preached to me that he showered (together) along with the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam from one vessel.

[Bukhari, Muslim. Tirmidhi, Nasai, Ibn Majah & Ahmad]


About this case we presented in another file specifically discuss the "shower together" so that we need not explain at length.

11. DO NOT tell anyone

From Abu Sa'id al-Khudri, he said the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "That bad, bad man's place in the side of GOD will be at the Day of Judgement is where my husband of mutual confidence-trust with his wife, but then the husband opened his own personal secret wife .



This is the hadith that forbids us to hard or even forbidden to the husband or wife to tell her anything that they both do when having sex with others. Above Hadith says about wife personal secrets, secret means including his wife's body parts or anything related to the secret that should only be husband and wife who knows.

And people who should not be told this is all about, whether it's parents or in-laws though,

And Allaah knows best
only GOD is Knower

Original concept:






Kamasutra Dalam Islam [30. Ar Ruum: 21] Dan di antara tanda-tanda kekuasaan-Nya ialah Dia menciptakan untukmu isteri-isteri dari jenismu sendiri

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Kamasutra Dalam Islam

[30. Ar Ruum: 21]
Dan di antara tanda-tanda kekuasaan-Nya ialah Dia menciptakan untukmu isteri-isteri dari jenismu sendiri, supaya kamu cenderung dan merasa tenteram kepadanya, dan dijadikan-Nya diantaramu rasa kasih dan sayang. Sesungguhnya pada yang demikian itu benar-benar terdapat tanda-tanda bagi kaum yang berfikir.
Segala puja dan puji hanyalah bagi ALLAH yang Maha Suci dan Maha Agung. Tidak ada tuhan selain ALLAH. Tidak ada sekutu bagi ALLAH sang penguasa langit dan bumi. Salam dan selawat senantiasa tercurah kepada Nabi Muhammad shallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam dan istri-istri serta keturunan beliau.
Amma ba’du. Artikel ini bagi sebagian besar manusia mungkin dianggap taboo

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Love Potions / Sex Aids of Kama Sutra Love potions to enslave a lover, increase potency, enlarge your penis or yoni, cope with impotence.

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Kama Sutra

If a man is unable to satisfy a Hastini, or Elephant woman, he should have recourse to various means to excite her passion. At the commencement he should rub her yoni with his hand or fingers, and not begin to have intercourse with her until she becomes excited, or experiences pleasure. This is one way of exciting a woman.
Or, he may make use of certain Apadravyas, or things which are put on or around the lingam to supplement its length or its thickness, so as to fit it to the yoni. In the opinion of Babhravya, these Apadravyas should be made of gold, silver, copper, iron, ivory, buffalo's horn, various kinds of wood, tin or lead, and should be soft, cool, provocative of sexual vigour, and well fitted to serve the intended purpose. Vatsyayana, however, says that they may be made according to the natural liking of each individual.

The following are the different kinds of Apadravyas in the Kama Sutra:
'The armlet' (Valaya) should be of the same size as the lingam, and should have its outer surface made rough with globules.
'The couple' (Sanghati) is formed of two armlets.
'The bracelet' (Chudaka) is made by joining three or more armlets, until they come up to the required length of the lingam.

'The single bracelet' is formed by wrapping a single wire around the lingam, according to its dimensions.
The Kantuka or Jalaka is a tube open at both ends, with a hole through it, outwardly rough and studded with soft globules, and made to fit the side of the yoni, and tied to the waist.
When such a thing cannot be obtained, then a tube made of the wood apple, or tubular stalk of the bottle gourd, or a reed made soft with oil and extracts of plants, and tied to the waist with strings, may be made use of, as also a row of soft pieces of wood tied together.
The above are the things that can be used in connection with or in the place of the lingam.
The people of the southern countries think that true sexual pleasure cannot be obtained without perforating the lingam, and they therefore cause it to be pierced like the lobes of the ears of an infant pierced for earrings.
Now, when a young man perforates his lingam he should pierce it with a sharp instrument, and then stand in water so long as the blood continues to flow. At night, he should engage in sexual intercourse, even with vigour, so as to clean the hole.

After this he should continue to wash the hole with decoctions, and increase the size by putting into it small pieces of cane, and the wrightia antidysenterica, and thus gradually enlarging the orifice. It may also be washed with liquorice mixed with honey, and the size of the hole increased by the fruit stalks of the simapatra plant. The hole should also be anointed with a small quantity of oil.
In the hole made in the lingam a man may put Apadravyas of various forms, such as the 'round', the 'round on one side', the 'wooden mortar', the 'flower', the 'armlet', the 'bone of the heron', the 'goad of the elephant', the 'collection of eight balls', the 'lock of hair', the 'place where four roads meet', and other things named according to their forms and means of using them. All these Apadravyas should be rough on the outside according to their requirements.

The ways of enlarging the lingam in the Kama Sutra must be now related.
When a man wishes to enlarge his lingam, he should rub it with the bristles of certain insects that live in trees, and then, after rubbing it for ten nights with oils, he should again rub it with the bristles as before. By continuing to do this a swelling will be gradually produced in the lingam, and he should then lie on a cot, and cause his lingam to hang down through a hole in the cot. After this he should take away all the pain from the swelling by using cool concoctions. The swelling, which is called 'Suka', and is often brought about among the people of the Dravida country, lasts for life.
If the lingam is rubbed with the following things, the plant physalis flexuosa, the shavara-kandaka plant, the jalasuka plant, the fruit of the egg plant, the butter of a she buffalo, the hastri-charma plant, and the juice of the vajrarasa plant, a swelling lasting for one month will be produced.
By rubbing it with oil boiled in the concoctions of the above things, the same effect will be produced, but lasting for six months.

The enlargement of the lingam is also effected by rubbing it or moistening it with oil boiled on a moderate fire along with the seeds of the pomegranate, and the cucumber, the juices of the valuka plant, the hastri-charma plant, and the eggplant.
In addition to the above, other means may be learnt from experienced and confidential persons.
The miscellaneous experiments and recipes are as follows:
If a man mixes the powder of the milk hedge plant, and the Kantaka plant with the excrement of a monkey and the powdered root of the lanjalika plant, and throws this mixture on a woman, she will not love anybody else afterwards.
If a man thickens the juice of the fruits of the cassia fistula, and the eugenia jambolana by mixing them with the powder of the soma plant, the vernonia anthelmintica, the eclipta prostata, and the lohopa-jihirka, and applies this composition to the yoni of a woman, and then has sexual intercourse with her, his love for her will be destroyed.

The same effect is produced if a man has connection with a woman who has bathed in the buttermilk of a she-buffalo mixed with the powders of the gopalika plant, the banu-padika plant and the yellow amaranth.
An ointment made of the flowers of the nauclea cadamba, the hog plum, and the eugenia jambolana, and used by a woman, causes her to be disliked by her husband.
Garlands made of the above flowers, when worn by the woman, produce the same effect.
An ointment made of the fruit of the asteracantha longifolia (kokilaksha) will contract the yoni of a Hastini or Elephant woman, and this contraction lasts for one night.
An ointment made by pounding the roots of the nelumbrium speciosum, and of the blue lotus, and the powder of the plant physalis flexuosa mixed with ghee and honey, will enlarge the yoni of the Mrigi or Deer woman.
An ointment made of the fruit of the emblica myrabolans soaked in the milky juice of the milk hedge plant, of the soma plant, the calotropis gigantea, and the juice of the fruit of the vernonia anthelmintica, will make the hair white.

The juice of the roots of the madayantaka plant, the yellow amaranth, the anjanika plant, the clitoria ternateea, and the shlakshnaparin plant, used as a lotion, will make the hair grow.
An ointment made by boiling the above roots in oil, and rubbed in, will make the hair black, and will also gradually restore hair that has fallen off.
If lac is saturated seven times in the sweat of the testicle of a white horse, and applied to a red lip, the lip will become white.
The colour of the lips can be regained by means of the madayantika and other plants mentioned above.
A woman who hears a man playing on a reed pipe which has been dressed with the juices of the bahupadika plant, the tabernamontana coronaria, the costus speciosus or arabicus, the pinus deodora, the euphorbia antiquorum, the vajra and the Kantaka plant, becomes his slave.
If food be mixed with the fruit of the thorn apple (dathura) it causes intoxication.
If water be mixed with oil and the ashes of any kind of grass except the kusha grass, it becomes the colour of milk.

If yellow myrabolans, the hog plum, the shrawana plant, and the priyangu plant be all pounded together, and applied to iron pots, these pots become red.
If a lamp, trimmed with oil extracted from the shrawana and priyangu plants, its wick being made of cloth and the slough of the skins of snakes, is lighted, and long pieces of wood placed near it, those pieces of wood will resemble so many snakes.
Drinking the milk of a white cow who has a white calf at her foot is auspicious, produces fame, and preserves life.
The blessings of venerable Brahmans, well propitiated, have the same effect.
There are also some verses in conclusion of Kama Sutra:
'Thus have I written in a few words the "Science of love", after reading the texts of ancient authors, and following the ways of enjoyment mentioned in them.'
'He who is acquainted with the true principles of this science pays regard to Dharma, Artha, Kama, and to his own experiences, as well as to the teachings of others, and does not act simply on the dictates of his own desire. As for the errors in the science of love which I have mentioned in this work, on my own authority as an author, I have, immediately after mentioning them, carefully censured and prohibited them.'

'An act is never looked upon with indulgence for the simple reason that it is authorised by the science, because it ought to be remembered that it is the intention of the science, that the rules which it contains should only be acted upon in particular cases.
After reading and considering the works of Babhravya and other ancient authors, and thinking over the meaning of the rules given by them, the Kama Sutra was composed, according to the precepts of Holy Writ, for the benefit of the world, by Vatsyayana, while leading the life of a religious student, and wholly engaged in the contemplation of the Deity.'

'This work is not intended to be used merely as an instrument for satisfying our desires. A person, acquainted with the true principles of this science, and who preserves his Dharma, Artha, and Kama, and has regard for the practices of the people, is sure to obtain the mastery over his senses.'
'In short, an intelligent and prudent person, attending to Dharma and Artha, and attending to Kama also, without becoming the slave of his passions, obtains success in everything that he may undertake.'

The Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana, Sir Richard Burton, translator [1883]


Chapter IX Kama Sutra - On Auparishtaka, Mouth Congress (Fellatio, Cunnulingus)

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There are two kinds of eunuchs, those that are disguised as males, and those that are disguised as females. Eunuchs disguised as females imitate their dress, speech, gestures, tenderness, timidity, simplicity, softness and bashfulness. The acts that are done on the jaghana or middle parts of women, are done in the mouths of these eunuchs, and this is called Auparishtaka. These eunuchs derive their imaginable pleasure, and their livelihood from this kind of congress, and they lead the life of courtesans. So much concerning eunuchs disguised as females.

Eunuchs disguised as males keep their desires secret, and when they wish to do anything they lead the life of shampooers. Under the pretence of shampooing, a eunuch of this kind embraces and draws towards himself the thighs of the man whom he is shampooing, and after this he touches the joints of his thighs and his jaghana, or central portions of his body.
Then, if he finds the lingam of the man erect, he presses it with his hands and chaffs him for getting into that state. If after this, and after knowing his intention, the man does not tell the eunuch to proceed, then the latter does it of his own accord and begins the congress. If however he is ordered by the man to do it, then he disputes with him, and only consents at last with difficulty.

The following eight things are then done by the eunuch one after the other:
The nominal congress
Biting the sides
Pressing outside
Pressing inside
Sucking a mango fruit
Swallowing up
At the end of each of these, the eunuch expresses his wish to stop, but when one of them is finished, the man desires him to do another, and after that is done, then the one that follows it, and so on.
When, holding the man's lingam with his hand, and placing it between his lips, the eunuch moves about his mouth, it is called the 'nominal congress'.

When, covering the end of the lingam with his fingers collected together like the bud of a plant or flower, the eunuch presses the sides of it with his lips, using his teeth also, it is called 'biting the sides'.
When, being desired to proceed, the eunuch presses the end of the lingam with his lips closed together, and kisses it as if he were drawing it out, it is called the 'outside pressing'.
When, being asked to go on, he puts the lingam further into his mouth, and presses it with his lips and then takes it out, it is called the 'inside pressing'.
When, holding the lingam in his hand, the eunuch kisses it as if he were kissing the lower lip, it is called 'kissing'.
When, after kissing it, he touches it with his tongue everywhere, and passes the tongue over the end of it, it is called 'rubbing'.

When, in the same way, he puts the half of it into his mouth, and forcibly kisses and sucks it, this is called 'sucking a mango fruit'.
And lastly, when, with the consent of the man, the eunuch puts the whole lingam into his mouth, and presses it to the very end, as if he were going to swallow it up, it is called 'swallowing up'.

Striking, scratching, and other things may also be done during this kind of congress.
The Auparishtaka (fellatio) is practised also by unchaste and wanton women, female attendants and serving maids, i.e. those who are not married to anybody, but who live by shampooing.
The Acharyas (i.e. ancient and venerable authors) are of opinion that this Auparishtaka is the work of a dog and not of a man, because it is a low practice, and opposed to the orders of the Holy Writ, and because the man himself suffers by bringing his lingam into contact with the mouths of eunuchs and women.
But Vatsyayana says that the orders of the Holy Writ do not affect those who resort to courtesans, and the law prohibits the practice of the Auparishtaka with married women only. As regards the injury to the male, that can be easily remedied.
The people of Eastern India do not resort to women who practise the Auparishtaka.
The people of Ahichhatra resort to such women, but do nothing with them, so far as the mouth is concerned.
The people of Saketa do with these women every kind of mouth congress, while the people of Nagara do not practise this, but do every other thing.

The people of the Shurasena country, on the southern bank of the Jumna, do everything without any hesitation, for they say that women being naturally unclean, no one can be certain about their character, their purity, their conduct, their practices, their confidences, or their speech.
They are not however on this account to be abandoned, because religious law, on the authority of which they are reckoned pure, lays down that the udder of a cow is clean at the time of milking, though the mouth of a cow, and also the mouth of her calf, are considered unclean by the Hindoos. Again a dog is clean when he seizes a deer in hunting, though food touched by a dog is otherwise considered very unclean. A bird is clean when it causes a fruit to fall from a tree by pecking at it, though things eaten by crows and other birds are considered unclean. And the mouth of a woman is clean for kissing and such like things at the time of sexual intercourse.
Vatsyayana moreover thinks that in all these things connected with love, everybody should act according to the custom of his country, and his own inclination.

There are also the following verses on the subject:
'The male servants of some men carry on the mouth congress with their masters. It is also practised by some citizens, who know each other well, among themselves. Some women of the harem, when they are amorous, do the acts of the mouth on the yonis of one another, and some men do the same thing with women. The way of doing this (i.e. of kissing the yoni) should be known from kissing the mouth.
When a man and woman lie down in an inverted order, i.e. with the head of the one towards the feet of the other and carry on this congress, it is called the "congress of a crow".'
For the sake of such things courtesans abandon men possessed of good qualities, liberal and clever, and become attached to low persons, such as slaves and elephant drivers.

The Auparishtaka, or mouth congress, should never be done by a learned Brahman, by a minister that carries on the business of a state, or by a man of good reputation, because though the practice is allowed by the Shastras, there is no reason why it should be carried on, and need only be practised in particular cases. As for instance, the taste, and the strength, and the digestive qualities of the flesh of dogs are mentioned in works on medicine, but it does not therefore follow that it should be eaten by the wise. In the same way there are some men, some places and some times, with respect to which these practices can be made use of.
A man should therefore pay regard to the place, to the time, and to the practice which is to be carried out, as also as to whether it is agreeable to his nature and to himself, and then he may or may not practise these things according to circumstances. But after all, these things being done secretly, and the mind of the man being fickle, how can it be known what any person will do at any particular time and for any particular purpose.


Chapter VIII - Kama Sutra Role Reversal

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When a woman sees that her lover is fatigued by constant congress, without having his desire satisfied, she should, with his permission, lay him down upon his back, and give him assistance by acting his part. She may also do this to satisfy the curiosity of her lover, or her own desire of novelty.
There are two ways of doing this, the first is when during congress she turns round, and gets on the top of her lover, in such a manner as to continue the congress, without obstructing the pleasure of it; and the other is when she acts the man's part from the beginning.

At such a time, with flowers in her hair hanging loose, and her smiles broken by hard breathings, she should press upon her lover's bosom with her own breasts, and lowering her head frequently, should do in return the same actions which he used to do before, returning his blows and chaffing him, should say, 'I was laid down by you, and fatigued with hard congress, I shall now therefore lay you down in return.' She should then again manifest her own bashfulness, her fatigue, and her desire of stopping the congress. In this way she should do the work of a man, which we shall presently relate.
Whatever is done by a man for giving pleasure to a woman is called the work of a man, and is as follows:
While the woman is lying on his bed, and is as it were abstracted by his conversation, he should loosen the knot of her undergarments, and when she begins to dispute with him, he should overwhelm her with kisses. Then when his lingam is erect he should touch her with his hands in various places, and gently manipulate various parts of the body. If the woman is bashful, and if it is the first time that they have come together, the man should place his hands between her thighs, which she would probably keep close together, and if she is a very young girl, he should first get his hands upon her breasts, which she would probably cover with her own hands, and under her armpits and on her neck.

If however she is a seasoned woman, he should do whatever is agreeable either to him or to her, and whatever is fitting for the occasion. After this he should take hold of her hair, and hold her chin in his fingers for the purpose of kissing her. On this, if she is a young girl, she will become bashful and close her eyes. Anyhow he should gather from the action of the woman what things would be pleasing to her during congress.
Here Suvarnanabha says that while a man is doing to the woman what he likes best during congress, he should always make a point of pressing those parts of her body on which she turns her eyes.
The signs of the enjoyment and satisfaction of the woman are as follows: her body relaxes, she closes her eyes, she puts aside all bashfulness, and shows increased willingness to unite the two organs as closely together as possible.
On the other hand, the signs of her want of enjoyment and of failing to be satisfied are as follows: she shakes her hands, she does not let the man get up, feels dejected, bites the man, kicks him, and continues to go on moving after the man has finished. In such cases the man should rub the yoni of the woman with his hand and fingers (as the elephant rubs anything with his trunk) before engaging in congress, until it is softened, and after that is done he should proceed to put his lingam into her.

The acts to be done by the man in the Kama Sutra are:
Moving forward
Friction or churning
Giving a blow
The blow of a boar
The blow of a bull
The sporting of a sparrow

When the organs are brought together properly and directly it is called 'moving the organ forward'.
When the lingam is held with the hand, and turned all round in the yoni, it is called 'churning'.
When the yoni is lowered, and the upper part of it is struck with the lingam, it is called 'piercing'.
When the same thing is done on the lower part of the yoni, it is called 'rubbing'.
When the yoni is pressed by the lingam for a long time, it is called 'pressing'.
When the lingam is removed to some distance from the yoni, and then forcibly strikes it, it is called 'giving a blow'.

When only one part of the yoni is rubbed with the lingam, it is called the 'blow of a boar'.
When both sides of the yoni are rubbed in this way, it is called the 'blow of a bull'.
When the lingam is in the yoni, and moved up and down frequently, and without being taken out, it is called the 'sporting of a sparrow'. This takes place at the end of congress.

When a woman acts the part of a man, she has the following things to do in addition to the nine given above:
The pair of tongs

The top
The swing
When the woman holds the lingam in her yoni, draws it in, presses it, and keeps it thus in her for a long time, it is called the 'pair of tongs'.
When, while engaged in congress, she turns round like a wheel, it is called the 'top'. This is learnt by practice only.

When, on such an occasion, the man lifts up the middle part of his body, and the woman turns round her middle part, it is called the 'swing'.
When the woman is tired, she should place her forehead on that of her lover, and should thus take rest without disturbing the union of the organs, and when the woman has rested herself the man should turn round and begin the congress again.

There are also some verses on the subject as follows:
'Though a woman is reserved, and keeps her feelings concealed; yet when she gets on the top of a man, she then shows all her love and desire.

A man should gather from the actions of the woman of what disposition she is, and in what way she likes to be enjoyed. A woman during her monthly courses, a woman who has been lately confined, and a fat woman should not be made to act the part of a man.'

Kama Sutra Sex Positions Sitting, Standing & Lying Sex Positions, Role reversal, Blows & Sighs, Fellatio

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'An ingenious person should multiply the kinds of congress after the fashion of the different kinds of beasts and of birds. For these different kinds of congress, performed according to the usage of each country, and the liking of each individual, generate love, friendship, and respect in the hearts of women.' (Kama Sutra, 1883)

Chapter VI Kama Sutra

On the occasion of a 'high congress' the Mrigi (Deer) woman should lie down in such a way as to widen her yoni, while in a 'low congress' the Hastini (Elephant) woman should lie down so as to contract hers. But in an 'equal congress' they should lie down in the natural position. What is said above concerning the Mrigi and the Hastini applies also to the Vadawa (Mare) woman. In a 'low congress the woman should particularly make use of medicine, to cause her desires to be satisfied quickly.
The Deer-woman has the following three ways of lying down in Kama Sutra:
The widely opened position
The yawning position
The position of the wife of Indra

When she lowers her head and raises her middle parts, it is called the 'widely opened position'. At such a time the man should apply some unguent, so as to make the entrance easy.
When she raises her thighs and keeps them wide apart and engages in congress, it is called the 'yawning position'.

When she places her thighs with her legs doubled on them upon her sides, and thus engages in congress, it is called the 'position of Indrani' and this is learnt only by practice. The position is also useful in the case of the 'highest congress'.
The 'clasping position' is used in 'low congress', and in the 'lowest congress', together with the 'pressing position', the 'twining position', and the 'mare's position'.
When the legs of both the male and the female are stretched straight out over each other, it is called the 'clasping position'. It is of two kinds, the side position and the supine position, according to the way in which they lie down. In the side position the male should invariably lie on his left side, and cause the woman to lie on her right side, and this rule is to be observed in lying down with all kinds of women.
When, after congress has begun in the clasping position, the woman presses her lover with her thighs, it is called the 'pressing position'.

When the woman places one of her thighs across the thigh of her lover it is called the 'twining position'.
When a woman forcibly holds in her yoni the lingam after it is in, it is called the 'mare's position'. This is learnt by practice only, and is chiefly found among the women of the Andhra country.
The above are the different ways of lying down, mentioned by Babhravya. Suvarnanabha, however, gives the following in addition:

When the female raises both of her thighs straight up, it is called the 'rising position'.
When she raises both of her legs, and places them on her lover's shoulders, it is called the 'yawning position'.
When the legs are contracted, and thus held by the lover before his bosom, it is called the 'pressed position'.
When only one of her legs is stretched out, it is called the 'half pressed position'.
When the woman places one of her legs on her lover's shoulder, and stretches the other out, and then places the latter on his shoulder, and stretches out the other, and continues to do so alternately, it is called the 'splitting of a bamboo'.
When one of her legs is placed on the head, and the other is stretched out, it is called the 'fixing of a nail'. This is learnt by practice only.
When both the legs of the woman are contracted, and placed on her stomach, it is called the 'crab's position'.
When the thighs are raised and placed one upon the other, it is called the 'packed position'.
When the shanks are placed one upon the other, it is called the 'lotus-like position'.

When a man, during congress in Kama Sutra, turns round, and enjoys the woman without leaving her, while she embraces him round the back all the time, it is called the 'turning position', and is learnt only by practice.
Thus, says Suvarnanabha, these different ways of lying down, sitting, and standing should be practised in water, because it is easy to do so therein. But Vatsyayana is of opinion that congress in water is improper, because it is prohibited by the religious law.
When a man and a woman support themselves on each other's bodies, or on a wall, or pillar, and thus while standing engage in congress, it is called the 'supported congress'.
When a man supports himself against a wall, and the woman, sitting on his hands joined together and held underneath her, throws her arms round his neck, and putting her thighs alongside his waist, moves herself by her feet, which are touching the wall against which the man is leaning, it is called the 'suspended congress'.
When a woman stands on her hands and feet like a quadruped, and her lover mounts her like a bull, it is called the 'congress of a cow'. At this time everything that is ordinarily done on the bosom should be done on the back.

In the same way can be carried on the congress of a dog, the congress of a goat, the congress of a deer, the forcible mounting of an ass, the congress of a cat, the jump of a tiger, the pressing of an elephant, the rubbing of a boar, and the mounting of a horse. And in all these cases the characteristics of these different animals should be manifested by acting like them.
When a man enjoys two women at the same time, both of whom love him equally, it is called the 'united congress'.

When a man enjoys many women altogether, in the Kama Sutra, it is called the 'congress of a herd of cows'.
The following kinds of congress-sporting in water, or the congress of an elephant with many female elephants which is said to take place only in the water, the congress of a collection of goats, the congress of a collection of deer take place in imitation of these animals.
In Gramaneri many young men enjoy a woman that may be married to one of them, either one after the other, or at the same time. Thus one of them holds her, another enjoys her, a third uses her mouth, a fourth holds her middle part, and in this way they go on enjoying her several parts alternately.
The same things can be done when several men are sitting in company with one courtesan, or when one courtesan is alone with many men. In the same way this can be done by the women of the king's harem when they accidentally get hold of a man.

The people in the Southern countries have also a congress in the anus, that is called the 'lower congress'.
Thus ends the various kinds of congress of Kama Sutra. There are also two verses on the subject as follows:
'An ingenious person should multiply the kinds of congress after the fashion of the different kinds of beasts and of birds. For these different kinds of congress, performed according to the usage of each country, and the liking of each individual, generate love, friendship, and respect in the hearts of women.'


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